Governor Larry Hogan

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is not a career politician. He spent nearly his entire career as a small businessman. Fed up with high taxes, politics as usual, and decades of a one-party monopoly, he started Change Maryland, the largest non-partisan grassroots citizen organization in state history. In 2014, out-numbered in party registration by more than 2-1, and outspent by more than 5-1, Hogan pulled off the biggest upset in America to become only the second Republican Governor elected in Maryland in 50 years.

Governor Hogan quickly got to work and set an example for the nation, accomplishing what many believed was no longer possible: reaching across the aisle, and working together to achieve real bipartisan, common sense solutions. He eliminated the $5.1 billion deficit and has now cut taxes seven years in a row. Under his leadership, Maryland has produced one of the greatest economic turnarounds of any state in the nation. Governor Hogan also accomplished innovative health care solutions and made historic investments in education, transportation infrastructure, and in protecting the environment.

In 2018 - in one of the bluest states in America - Governor Hogan was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term, making him only the second Republican to do so in the entire 243 year history of the state. His cross-party appeal is evident in polls, which consistently shows an overwhelming majority of all Republicans, Democrats and Independents - nearly 80% of all Marylanders - approve of the job he is doing, which is the highest of any governor in Maryland history. He served as Chairman of the National Governors Association, leading the nation’s governors during the COVID-19 pandemic. National rankings consistently show Governor Hogan as one of the most popular governors in America.