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“A Blatant Cash And Power Grab,” Governor Hogan Takes Stand For Maryland’s Taxpayers

A week before early voting is set to begin in Maryland, Governor Hogan is taking a stand for taxpayers, urging Marylanders to reject Question 1. This referendum would amend Maryland’s Constitution to give legislators unchecked power to tax and spend, denying governors the chance to hold them accountable.

View Governor Hogan’s Statement On Question One Here and Below.

“After the legislature nearly spent our state to the verge of bankruptcy, our very first budget eliminated nearly all of the $5.1 billion structural deficit we inherited, and we have balanced the budget year after year without raising taxes. Our common sense approach is working for everyone except the career politicians in Annapolis, so now they want to amend our Constitution, change the rules, and rig the system for more spending and higher taxes. Question 1 is a blatant cash and power grab of multi-billion dollar proportions. With our state facing an unprecedented fiscal crisis, the last thing we should do is make it easier to recklessly spend more of your tax dollars.”