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“Clear And Direct Messaging That People Can Believe in:” Governor Hogan Discuss Leading Through COVID On Meet The Press

Governor Hogan appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” to discuss his leadership of Maryland during the pandemic and the toxic politics that divide America.

Governor Hogan On Maryland’s High Vaccination Rates: “We’re very proud of the fact that we’re one of the most vaccinated states in the country…We have vaccinated 81% of all the people who are eligible, everybody 12 and over. 95% of our seniors and as a result our hospitalizations are down over 70% from our peak. Deaths are down.”

Governor Hogan On The Biden Administration’s Inconsistent COVID Messaging: “I was fairly critical of President Trump when I thought they were bad on messaging. When I thought they were doing things wrong or not providing the assistance we needed in the states and I’ve been doing the same thing with the Biden administration. We’re getting some mixed messaging out of the administration, out of the CDC and the FDA and the White House. We need clear guidance on these booster shots because it undermines the credibility of it…The messaging was not clear with either administration. That’s one way we’ve been successful in our state: clear direct messaging that people can believe in and listen to.”

Governor Hogan On The Exhausted Majority: “Right now in America, there are certainly people on both ends of the extremes on the left and the right who get all of the attention…But about 70% of the people actually are somewhere in the middle. They’re moderate or right of center or left of center. They really want their elected officials to find a way to do something about these toxic politics, and they want us to work together to come up with real bipartisan common sense solutions. That’s the most popular thing in America with most voters.”

Watch Governor Hogan on NBC’s Meet The Press Here.