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“Just Get The Damn Vaccine:” Governor Hogan Announces New Vaccination Protocols for State Employees, Rejects Mask Mandates and Shutdowns

As the Delta variant devastates states across the country, earlier today, Governor Hogan held a press conference to announce new vaccine requirements for state employees in congregate settings, urging unvaccinated Marylanders to “just get the damn vaccine.”

Maryland continues to lead the nation in vaccines with nearly 80% of adults and 93.4% of seniors vaccinated. While Florida, Texas, and Louisiana account for one-third of all new cases nationally, Maryland’s COVID positivity and case rate are among the lowest in the nation with deaths down 94% from their peak.

Given Maryland’s high vaccination rates, the state’s hospital system is not at risk of being overwhelmed and mask mandates or shutdowns are not necessary. According to Governor Hogan, “COVID and its variants are with us for the foreseeable future…Mask mandates or shutdowns will not be able to eradicate the threat of the virus or the delta variant.”

Governor Hogan also appeared on CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer” and PBS “Newshour” to discuss the Delta variant and Maryland’s new vaccination protocols.

Watch Governor Hogan’s Press Conference Here

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer” Here

Watch Governor Hogan on PBS “Newshour” Here