NEW POLL: Overwhelming majority of Marylanders Approve of the Job Governor Hogan is Doing

According to a new independent poll from Gonzales, 87% of African American voters approve of Governor Hogan’s leadership, likely the highest for any Governor – Republican or Democrat – in the nation.

Meanwhile, nearly 70% of every demographic group – regardless of race, gender, and party – approve of Governor Hogan. Overall, 73% of Marylanders approve of Governor Hogan’s job performance while 77% rate his response to the COVID-19 pandemic as “excellent” or “good.”

According to Gonzales, “the sun rises, the sun sets…the tides roll in, the tides roll out…seasons come and seasons go. But one thing here in the land of pleasant living remains constant - Governor Larry Hogan’s approval rating…In today’s ruthless, take-no-prisoners Jacobin political environment,” Governor Hogan’s standing with voters is nothing short of “remarkable.”