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While Washington Gears For Partisan Fight, Governor Hogan Secures Near Unanimous Legislative Approval of Emergency Tax Cuts & Economic Relief Package

While Washington is once again retreating to its partisan corners on impeachment and national COVID-19 relief, Governor Hogan has secured near unanimous legislative approval of his Maryland COVID-19 relief plan. Governor Hogan’s RELIEF Act, which delivers tax relief and economic stimulus for struggling families and small businesses, was passed by the Maryland House of Delegates 128-1 earlier today after passing the Maryland Senate unanimously last week.

Governor Hogan passed this emergency legislation in a little over a month, despite the fact that the opposing party maintains overwhelming control of both chambers of the legislature.

This comes as Governor Hogan is continuing to urge President Biden to find a bipartisan compromise on federal COVID-19 relief, meeting with the President and Vice President in the Oval Office just hours before the RELIEF Act was passed.

According to Governor Hogan, “there is no reason why [President Biden] and Republicans in Congress cannot forge a compromise that addresses the nation’s top priorities in this crisis. I will continue urging Republicans in Congress to be willing to compromise, and I urge the president to lead by finding the common ground where we can all stand together.”